Environmental changes throughout certain seasons, in addition to temperature, have a stronger impact on the accumulation of debris in the gutter, resulting in a higher demand for winter gutter cleaning. When we think of winter, we usually think of freezing temperatures, wintry mix, and snow. And this is especially true in the northern zones. Winter in the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, isn’t as harsh or frigid.

Because gutter cleaning is only possible while temperatures are above freezing, we recommend that gutter cleanings be done in the spring and fall. Cleaning gutters in the winter is usually not an issue in areas where it does not freeze.

Winter Gutter Cleaning: Prevent Ice Dams and Clogs – Safeguard your home with essential winter gutter cleaning. Learn why clearing your gutters during the colder months is crucial to prevent ice dams, water damage, and clogs. Explore expert tips for maintaining proper drainage and protecting your roof and foundation. Ensure your home’s integrity and functionality this winter with effective gutter cleaning.

Gutters & Products for Cleaning

You may be able to utilize winter gutter cleaning equipment to clear obstructions from the gutters and downspout regions during an exceptional period of winter thaw. However, it is advised that you leave your worries to the professionals. Keep in mind that services in northern locations will vary throughout the winter months.

Gutter Concerns During Winter
  • Your roof may be covered in snow.
  • Ice weight in/on your gutters
  • Ice damming
  • Damages are caused by the additional weight of snow and ice.
  • Storm damage during the winter
Ice Damming

Ice damming is a problem that no one likes to deal with. Gutters, contrary to popular perception, do not produce ice damming. Your insulation is the first line of defense against ice damming. It happens when warm air from the attic escapes, causing the snow on the roof to melt. The melting water will refreeze on and over your gutters as it reaches the surface of your chilly gutter.

What Can Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?

  • Gutter and downspout installations
  • Gutter & guard installations (must install both for it to be doable in winter)
  • Heated gutter & guard installations (must install both for it to be doable in winter)
  • Snow guards for metal roofs
  • Fascia & fascia wrap (if getting full gutter install)
What Cannot Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?
  • Cleaning gutters (due to freezing, it’s too cold to clean gutters)
  • Gutter guards on existing gutters (due to freezing, it’s too cold to clean gutters, which we do before installing guards)
  • Repairing or resealing existing gutters
How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?
  • At least twice a year – typically once in spring and once in fall when leaves have all fallen

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

    • Guards act as a filtration system to keep debris out of your gutters (i.e. leaves, shingle grit, small animals and pests)
    • They prevent the possibility of interior clogs from happening in your gutters and downspouts
    • They add strength to the whole system during winter
    • Guards reduce the risk of the system breaking or detaching due to the weight of the snow or branches laying on them.

winter gutter cleaning 

If you need gutter services, request a free estimate from our experts at The Contractors Booklist.

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