Knowing you have a roof leak is usually clear when you notice the water stain on your ceiling. However, determining the source of the leak might be far more difficult. Here is how to spot a roof leak

5 Warning Signs of a Roof Leak:

– Spots of water on your ceiling or walls. This is one of the main signs to help you spot a roof leak.

-Shingles are missing.

-Shingles that are cracked or damaged.

-Flashing or boot covers for roof penetrations that are missing or damaged? 





-Water stains or dripping roof decking (seen through the attic).





What Causes a Roof Leak?

Once inside the attic, water can travel along rafters and other horizontal surfaces making it difficult to find the exact entry point.

Missing Flashing

You may assume your shingles are at fault, but it could be missing flashing around a chimney, or some other entry point, that’s allowing the water to get inside your attic.

Missing, Cracked, or Damaged Shingles

If shingles are missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged, water can, over time, begin to leak into the home. A leak can start out small and slowly cause a lot of damage if a warning sign is ignored.

Ice Dams

spot a roof leakWater entry can also be caused by an ice dam. Ice dams are formed by the continual thawing of snow over the warmer portions of the roof and refreezing over the cold eave. The ice dam can cause water to back up under shingles.

If your roof doesn’t have an ice & water underlayment installed under the shingles, you could be experiencing leaks. Take action Now !


A professional roofing contractor may be required to assist you in determining the source of your leak. Find a good roofing contractor in your area through The Contractors Booklist  Network to help you discover the origin of the leak and find a solution. Find Out How It Works. 

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