Whenever you need to make a project of renovating or construction in your house, which is the first question that comes to your mind, apart from how much it will cost? “Will I end up making a mistake and hire the wrong contractor?” “Where will I find a good, reliable contractor that will do the job right, on time and for a reasonable amount of money?

We have come up with a couple of ideas on what might influence you to hire the wrong contractor. In this “hire the wrong contractor” group we can include those that do not finish the work on time, who use cheap materials that will not last, are not licensed, or who come up with additional costs that were not planned ahead. With no further due:

1. Bargain The Best Price

One of the things that we love love to consider when choosing the right contractor, or whatever product we are interested in is the amount of money we will have to pay. Less is better, right? Well, not exactly! If you go around asking contractors for the estimate and you choose the one that promises you to do the job for a very low amount of money, chances are that they will either use bad materials that will damage your property, or just doesn’t really know the amount of work needed and ends up asking for more money later.

2. The First One, The Charm One

Go with the first contractor you find, believe their word, do not do any further background check and get the work done. Sounds cool! It would be even cooler if it went exactly with that flow. Chances are that if you don’t do any  research about the contractor you are hiring, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. And, no good words from family members about them is not going to help either.

You NEED to check it yourself (of course, you will NOT NEED to do this, if you go straight to Contractors Booklist platform and just ask for Free Estimates there.) You can also look up the reviews in the platform for every contractor. The right Contractors know how to finish everything within the deadline and also deliver the work that the clients are expecting from them.

3. The Estimate Is Enough

A good contractor will be able to break down the cost of materials based on their quality. They should as well be upfront about their own fee. You wouldn’t want to be surprised in the end. And the best advantage is your reduce your chances to hire the wrong contractor.

4. You Don’t Have The Timetable

Once you discuss on a new project, one of the main aspects that the contractor should consider explaining to you is the time that each part of it is going to take. Professional contractors will have all the elements right, the time, the cost and the fee written on paper, for both sides to clear misunderstandings. This step is crucial in avoiding to hire the wrong contractor.

5. Put Your Faith In Them

The project that you will be working on needs to be explained in detail and documented. Verbal deals might get you disappointed in the end. 

The best solution is to keep these in mind, but you can always check for contractors in your area and for your type of project using our platform. We check the contractors’ background, reviews and license. It’s a priority for us to always make sure that every contractor that becomes part of our platform is reliable and their previous clients are happy with their work. All you have to do is type in the project type, the place and your email. DONE

hire the wrong contractor

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