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With this new era of working from home and setting up an office to adjust to your needs, we have to start getting more creative about it. A home office has been considered a specific space in your house designed for you to carry all your “job-related stuff”, …till now. What if that home office could be set up in your backyard? Have you thought of a backyard office? If you have, did you take a step forward to building it? Recently, people are starting to have a higher approach to this new kind of style. If you are intrigued by this concept and want to learn how to set up yours, then this blog post is dedicated to you!

1. Why a backyard office?

It’s not just a fancy name because of the quarantine era, or people trying to simply be creative with their work space. It actually has many known and studied benefits!

  1. You feel more comfortable. Since it is an outdoor space, you get rid of all the distractions that you might have inside the house. You can’t see the clothes that you have to wash or the sink with the dishes and that little drop of dust that no one else would notice, except for you…in your working hours.
  2. Be more productive. Many companies were against or at least concerned about their employees working from home. That is because we can all get lost at tasks when we wake up and go straight to the working desk and no monitoring doesn’t really help that. So, creating a physical separation between both these aspects will help you get into the mindset of working or the mindset of cooling down after you are done.
  3. Decreases stress levels. We are no experts when it comes to how the brain works, but science says that being closer to nature helps you connect with yourself more and boosts up your mood. Suppose you left your house messy the night before and didn’t have the time to clean it up before starting work, or the pipe broke! How do you think that would affect you? Yes, you home stress and your work stress can come together and create a big mess of stress!


2.How to set up a good backyard office?

We could be talking endlessly about the reasons, but even if you just think of it as fancy is an enough reason to have it. Let’s talk about what you should do!

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is very good! If you want to take care of anything about remote working, a good connection is a necessity,  so think about that in a special way. 
  2. If you don’t have a pavement, make sure that you build one that will be both of good material and nice colors that can be easy on your eyes. Don’t feel lost, in case you have no idea how to do that, just click here and it will guide you to our platform, where you can search for contractors that work on paving projects close to your area. 
  3. Invest in some nice natural lights. This is especially important for night time. What you have to keep in mind is that you should have lights that are higher than your eyesight and not too bright, so that you don’t damage your eyes because of that. Instead, choose a less bright and close to natural light. 
  4. After you figure out the best spot, you will also need to find a great builder. As I mentioned before, in this link you can send us the details of your space and get three free estimates from our paving contractors to come and build your new backyard office space as soon as possible. This way, you get the benefits of working from your backyard right away. When building your backyard office, you will need someone that is reliable, gets the work done on time and will listen to what you want. 
  5. Keep the furniture simple and you could also arrange it to have a break time spot. Maybe put in there some little fruit and veggies snacks or even a vending machine. Also, invest in a good comfortable chair and in my opinion having a couch in case you want to get a small rest or find inspiration would be really helpful.

If you need help with setting up a comfortable outdoor backyard office for yourself and family, just let us know and we will assist you with that! 

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