Did you know that when considering coloring your walls, you shouldn’t only think of what color is more beautiful, but also what gives you more comfort, joy and pleases your eye at the same time? It might get hard to pick paint colors for rooms, with all the variety but also aspect to consider. The first advice you will ever hear when it comes to this topic, is that you need to create a color scheme. In this blog post, I will try to guide you to find the best one for your own space. While you can always get inspirations all around you, I want you to make sure that you find a color that makes you happy and is only meant for your house. 

  1. paint colors for roomsBuild a good color scheme using the paint colors for rooms based on your most favorite items in the house!

    1 – Start by selecting 3 colors of what you like from the items in your house, like outfits, pillows or even decor. It will be easier for you to visualize the way it would look into a wall. Then, try to identify how each of those colors makes you feel. This step is important for the purpose of every room and the shade that would enhance it.

    2 – You will have to choose only one of those 3 colors for the walls and the other two colors for the decor of your rooms.

    3 – Finally, choose a fourth color that will make the connection between the rooms. Meaning, that it will be the same color element in every room. Preferably it would take up a modest space of the room.

  2. Decide on the Finish to Create an Appealing Visual Effect

    The most preferred finish seems to be satin because it can be scrubbed and doesn’t attract the eye to the surface’s imperfections. However, different types of finishes can be used to create effects on the wall playing with the way the light falls into it. You can try on these details as you would like, but the one key takeaway from me is one thing. The higher the gloss, the more sheen and more attention you will draw to the surface, so you know better. You can find inspiration on how to create light contrast and emphasize your furniture more through social media or largely on the internet. Or, you could also turn to nature to check how the colors are combined together. If you are not determined on which colors go well with each other, just type “Color Wheel” on Google and it will show you which colors are meant to be together. See? We are starting to give shape to the paint colors for rooms. Just a little more left.

  3. Match The Color To The Feeling You Want In The Room

    Every room has its own purpose and colors that empower that purpose.  It is largely believed that you should paint dining rooms, kitchens, family and living ­areas warm colors like daffodil-yellow, coral, or cranberry, and give private rooms home offices and bedrooms cooler shades like sage-green, violet, or sky-blue.

    When it comes to feelings that you want your rooms to transmit, as in every other aspect, it’s completely up to you. Just take your time and be true to what you truly like. 

    Some colors have special effects on our brains, for example color yellow, which is connected to the feeling of sun and warmth, can stimulate the brain. For that reason, you could use yellow for rooms where you need to work and to study, and avoid it in other areas where your goal is to relax and sleep.

  4. Guide To Your Whites

    Contrary to what you might think, there is a large variety of what could be considered white color. The pure white, with no undertones could go well if you want to showcase furniture or artwork, and it usually goes really well on the ceilings. We also have the whites with warm tones – yellow, rust, pink and cool tones – green, blue and grey. You could use warmer whites in rooms without a lot of natural light, and you could use cool whites, to open up spaces.Painting Inner Walls

  5. Bonus: What colors to use so that the room looks bigger?    As mentioned before, crisp whites can make a space appear bigger, as generally lighter tones also light up the space, contrary to darker tones that make the surfaces appear closer than what they actually are. If you are struggling to find a good contractor that will not only offer you best advice about painting guide, but also professionalism and great results, then have a look at the website: www.thecontractorsbooklist.com. If you need a guide on paint amount you will need check out this post: A Gallon Of Paint Covers

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